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Clash Of Clans: New update changes! MAY 2016

Moments ago and i think it will be a second peek later today will be a little bigger guys maybe a new troop clash of clans, something so paragraph have certainty that fast.

You watch for general agora these sneak peek and very sure that this sor episode will hum little faster than usual for what all sneak peek.

In si è only literally based around the new challenge and the new friendly details que they've released until hum couple of days behind the first sneak peek.

Before you even a update coming was was super-cell told us we could que agora making friendly battles challenges friendlies each against members.

Our clan we can accept challenges and we can also our challenge opponents agora what they did, basically, along the last days and listening to offer positive and negative feedback and applied some expensive changes here.

Additional details are os we just receive an information que i'm point to say what you can be quick face pretty confusing, so i'll simplify it literally just keep in very short very sweet and i hope you all can entender that.

We saw a major concern when bringing paragraph when the game bringing friendly challenges for the game and what if you just copy the enemy base and then.

Learn how the star join, basically, they implemented some changes que are hopefully will stop the boys and make sure the game and 100% balanced.

The first great change what comes to battles friendly will be the scheme replacing restrictions are, basically they said, if you build nas bases a last 24 hours that are not will be usar able essa base within the friendly ira challenge inside do .

Challenge friendly it for sorry, basically, if you build a base and is not 24 hours old.

You can do not get your opponent paragraph fast attack you can total price:

Add your colleagues paragraph attacks it so that the reasoning behind super cell have done that and much, caras very simple obviously diameter preparation will e of about 23 to 24 hours, basically, do the friendlies challenges.

You can not a base use that is less than 24 hours age you are almost there can go ahead and kobe base euro using inside your opponent not friendly challenge and get your three stars colleagues.

This is not possible to go fast sor you have to wait at least 24 hours before using a new base within to challenge agora friendly, in addition to fast what you just listen that only applies if a tamil and 910 sound 11.

If you want to emulate and down not exist restrictions of any kind that means fast que you can copy your opponents claim based ira and manage inside the friendly challenge whenever you want.

That also is moving contradictory of caras sneak peek and of course the major change in making battle friendly agora obviously diameter preparation and 23 hours 24 e after battle diameter and 23 24 hours.

I do not I remember 23 which twins week 24, but general it comes to about 48 hours now within the first 48 hours within 24 hours period.

You can not copy your de la base however, no second regular 24-hour fast que you could be there will base and us them within the friendly challenge.

So how super mobile will stop this esta and a form of within the first 24 hours that are not'll be able to see your were base opponents based not a unique in clan enemy can be seen by anyone single member since que fast.

You will see and there's the multiplayer processes guys standard que trophy base pushing based agriculture base your only have a notion of how strong and a base will be there as soon as the day preparation and about the war will remain expensive .

That will be 23 and 24 hours at left inside of that lost 23 to 24 hours fast you will not be able copy uo paste a base of his opponent and use within the friendly challenges.

Because fast you have to wait 24 hours to use a new without general weight, and a grand strategy the one from single cell and this is done to ensure completely essa base will unlock copied by any plan that is basically the guys sneak peek.

You know what i decided put any fund music in many what time 60 only a tendency view as possible entender can do what it is not.

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