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  • Clash Of Clans: New update changes! MAY 2016

    Moments ago and i think it will be a second peek later today will be a little bigger guys maybe a new troop clash of clans, something so paragraph have certainty that fast.

    You watch for general agora these sneak peek and very sure that this sor episode will hum little faster than usual for what all sneak peek.

    In si è only literally based around the new challenge and the new friendly details que they've released until hum couple of days behind the first sneak peek.

    Before you even a update coming was was super-cell told us we could que agora making friendly battles challenges friendlies each against members.

    Our clan we can accept challenges and we can also our challenge opponents agora what they did, basically, along the last days and listening to offer positive and negative feedback and applied some expensive changes here.

    Additional details are os we just receive an information que i'm point to say what you can be quick face pretty confusing, so i'll simplify it literally just keep in very short very sweet and i hope you all can entender that.

    We saw a major concern when bringing paragraph when the game bringing friendly challenges for the game and what if you just copy the enemy base and then.

    Learn how the star join, basically, they implemented some changes que are hopefully will stop the boys and make sure the game and 100% balanced.

    The first great change what comes to battles friendly will be the scheme replacing restrictions are, basically they said, if you build nas bases a last 24 hours that are not will be usar able essa base within the friendly ira challenge inside do .

    Challenge friendly it for sorry, basically, if you build a base and is not 24 hours old.

    You can do not get your opponent paragraph fast attack you can total price:

    Add your colleagues paragraph attacks it so that the reasoning behind super cell have done that and much, caras very simple obviously diameter preparation will e of about 23 to 24 hours, basically, do the friendlies challenges.

    You can not a base use that is less than 24 hours age you are almost there can go ahead and kobe base euro using inside your opponent not friendly challenge and get your three stars colleagues.

    This is not possible to go fast sor you have to wait at least 24 hours before using a new base within to challenge agora friendly, in addition to fast what you just listen that only applies if a tamil and 910 sound 11.

    If you want to emulate and down not exist restrictions of any kind that means fast que you can copy your opponents claim based ira and manage inside the friendly challenge whenever you want.

    That also is moving contradictory of caras sneak peek and of course the major change in making battle friendly agora obviously diameter preparation and 23 hours 24 e after battle diameter and 23 24 hours.

    I do not I remember 23 which twins week 24, but general it comes to about 48 hours now within the first 48 hours within 24 hours period.

    You can not copy your de la base however, no second regular 24-hour fast que you could be there will base and us them within the friendly challenge.

    So how super mobile will stop this esta and a form of within the first 24 hours that are not'll be able to see your were base opponents based not a unique in clan enemy can be seen by anyone single member since que fast.

    You will see and there's the multiplayer processes guys standard que trophy base pushing based agriculture base your only have a notion of how strong and a base will be there as soon as the day preparation and about the war will remain expensive .

    That will be 23 and 24 hours at left inside of that lost 23 to 24 hours fast you will not be able copy uo paste a base of his opponent and use within the friendly challenges.

    Because fast you have to wait 24 hours to use a new without general weight, and a grand strategy the one from single cell and this is done to ensure completely essa base will unlock copied by any plan that is basically the guys sneak peek.

    You know what i decided put any fund music in many what time 60 only a tendency view as possible entender can do what it is not.

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  • Install clash of clans on pc download bluestacks

     clash of clans download

    One of the most popular games download for smartphones and tablets is the Clash of Clans. In the game, the player controls soldiers and peasants during battles. Many of the players would like to have fun with the game also on the computer, but the game was not officially ported to PCs.

    Despite this, there is a way to download the game and play it on your computer. It will be necessary to install an emulator, since Clash of Clans is currently only available for Android and iPhone, not yet the versions for Windows Phone or Windows 10.

    For this tutorial we will download the BlueStacks emulator, but there are others as well. Follow the step by step below and see how to proceed:

    Installing Clash of Clans on your pc step-by-step

    Step 1. Access this link to download BlueStacks. This Android emulator has several dedicated functions for mobile games on the PC, such as simulating touch movements on the screen using keyboard keys.

    Step 2. After installing BlueStacks, open it, and then select the Android tab in the window header.
    download BlueStacks
    Step 3. Search for the "Clash of Clans" game.
    clash of clans games
    Step 4. Inside the store application, you'll be prompted to enter your Google account to access Google Play Store apps and games. If you do not already have one, make an account. Click "Sign in" in the lower right corner of the screen.
    Google Play Store apps and games
    Step 5. Log in and if the search result for Clash of Clans does not appear on the next page, retry the search, but this time within the Google Play Store.
    Google Play Store

    Step 6. Once inside the game page, click on the "install" button.
    Android Clash of Clans game
    Step 7. Ready! After installation, just select the "Android" tab again you will find there your Clash of Clans game. To play it, click on it. That way you can already play the game developed for smartphones on your computer.

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  • Changes Clash of Clans healing - Note Team Developer.

    There has been much discussion about the recently announced changes to the healing trigger again air traps. There are concerns particularly about how this may affect the "QUEEN WALK" or "SUPER QUEEN" where an attack begins with an Archer Queen high level followed by 4 or more healing.

    We understand that players are very fond of this strategy, and rightly so, since it is currently one of the most effective in the game! Here are some tips on the logic of the development team behind this change.

    Risk vs. Reward

    Curators have been a difficult drive to balance in terms of risk versus reward.

    In the past, it was very risky to use in healing land armies. Curators were likely to focus on isolated troops, or wandering unnecessarily across the enemy village to be reached. They still ativavam air traps which brought their end. Therefore their use in strategies was unusual and rare.

    Since that time, we made several changes to try to make use of the curators less risky and more rewarding. We made no healing acionassem more traps, and later more improvements so they do not wander more unnecessarily the village and also to that focused on the troops who actually needed them.

    Now we find ourselves with the opposite problem. In the hands of a skilled attacker, it is not unusual for a group of healers survive any attack, hidden behind the Queen and Archer Launchers groups. The use of healing has become very safe!

    Queen Walk future

    A Queen Walk and run is incredibly powerful, although it is still a skill strategy that we do not intend to remove the game. We think the extra risk of air trapping provides a balanced balance to the powerful rewards of this strategy.

    The Queen will Walk the healing exposed to a small part of the village.
    Even if a defender put all 5 Air Minas outside and around the village, our tests showed that it is very unusual more than one curator be slaughtered in a Queen Walk well executed. It may be a good idea for attackers to take an extra Curator "just in case one be cast down," yet still find a highly effective strategy.

    On the other hand increasing the activation threshold of Artillery Eagle extra support for the Queen Walk strategy continues highly effective. If even then the Queen Walk strategy suffer more than expected will bring new balance so that it is not removed from the game.

    Pitcher of the future

    Our tests showed that the biggest changes will be seen later in the attack. Are the Full Launchers attacks (including some healing) that are still intact even after overthrowing a level Village Center 11 fully maximized. The main reason for this unusual efficacy is about risk versus reward. There is a lack of threats placed behind the line of the curators end up supporting the troops for the attack of the rest.

    Trapping air back in the game, however, the more effective the attack, the more effective the effect of air traps on top of the curators, thus providing a natural defense against this type of strategy. Again, it's all about balancing risk and reward, even with the changes we even saw Full Launchers attacks well run with good results.

    Thanks for all your feedback and concern for the next game balance changes. We look forward to implement balancing the game and see how the players adapt their armies and layouts to him. As always, we will continue to follow the game and make adjustments to keep the Clash varied and balanced in the future.

    Clash on!

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  • Clash Of Clans learn to build and save layouts bases

    Clash of Clans is a strategy game of Supercell released for Android and iPhone (iOS). Packed with features and very popular among fans of the genre, the game challenges players to build the foundations using dozens of items and different units. Before investing your coins in his creations, you can try them in a useful creator free layouts.

    With Builder Base, all game content is available, as well as a number of tools that help in selecting the most appropriate units. Your layout can be saved on the site and shared with other community players, who can evaluate the work and use it. Check out the guide of how to build and save your layouts Clash of Clans.

    Step 1. In your web browser, visit to use the tool;
    Step 2. At the top of the screen, click "Base Builder" to open the builder layouts;

    Step 3. You can use your mouse to zoom in or out to view the base;

    Step 4. In the Toolkit bar, located on the right side, you can select units and items, which can be moved to the map by clicking and dragging. You can also change defenses, resources, attack units, traps and much more;

    Step 5. In the "Heathmaps" option you can filter information from the base, as a general damage, air damage, area of ​​damage and other useful numbers to build a safe fortress;


    Step 6. Click the small button shown in the picture to change the viewing angle of the camera;

    Step 7. Finally, click "Save" in the upper right corner of the screen to save the changes. You can log in with Facebook or create a dedicated account for the site.
    From the main menu, you can find the foundation published better assessed by users as well as data for all used items.


    Font: TechTudo

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  • Clash Of Clans: Strategy Tips In The Game

    Below you will find our top 8 tips for you to munch on Clash of Clans.

    Before doing anything else, read the rest of this guide to learn these tips!

    We've done a Top 8 clash of clan tipsClash Of Clans Strategy Tips In The Game

    Tip # 1 of Clash of Clans. Save your jewels

    When you start playing Clash off Clans, you start with 500 gems. At the end of the tutorial, you end up losing almost 50 gems, completing the structures instantly as instructed by our tutorial. If you save your gems, you can add extra builders at a faster rate.

    Here are the costs for each builder:

    Builder 2: 250 gems (you add this during the tutorial)
    Builder 3: 500 gems
    Builder 4: 1000 gems
    Builder 5: 2000 gems
    While builders 4 and 5 are a long way off, builder 3 is achievable relatively fast if you save your gems. Extra builders allow you to build more buildings at one time and as a result they are very useful. With the new Clan War achievements and a trophy push, you can unlock Builder 4 within a few months of play without having to buy anything. The 5th builder will require a big trophy push (for the Champion's League) or more time to unlock some of the other achievements.

    Tip # 2 of Clash of Clans. Use cheap units

    One of the biggest mistakes new players make is not considering the cost of the units they use to fight. While giants are great, they also cost far more to use than the barbarians. At higher levels, dragons are large, but cost much more to use than the giants. There is also the time factor to consider. While Wizards are stronger than Archers, they not only cost more, and each Assistant requires 8 minutes. Meanwhile, you can create 4 Archers in less than two minutes (Wizards are a 4-source unit).

    As a result, when your primary goal is to save resources, you need to make an effort to use cheap units that are quick to produce. The best units, depends on your level of City Hall.

    Tip # 3 of Clash of Clans. Only use spells when necessary

    Like units, spells are very expensive and take some time to produce. While they can be quite effective, you need to make sure that the battle you are fighting warrants the use of such a spell.

    You should know that the spell of fury begins at 23,000 elixir and the healing spell starts at 15,000 elixir; Each time you use these spells, you need to make sure that using the spell will allow you to gain at least an additional 15k or 23k features (depending on the spell).

    Tip # 4 of Clash of Clans. Slowly update your city hall

    The City Hall "Penalty of service" is one of the most important things to know about Clash of Clans, but it is not a publicly announced feature in the game. It is not even mentioned during the tutorial or anywhere in the game, however it is extremely important in the game.

    This penalty reduces the amount of loot you can get from enemies if your Town Hall is a higher level than your opponent's Town Hall. If your Town Hall is a higher level than your enemy, you will only be able to steal 90% of the normal amount available for looting. If your City Hall is two levels higher, you will only be able to steal 50% of the serve. For three levels, only 25%, and for 4 levels or more, only 5% of the total available loot. The penalty is reflected in "available draw" - you do not have to do any calculations on your own.

    As a result, we recommend you to reach Level 4 of the City Hall and then stay in this range while you maximize your defensive structures, army camps and your search. You can even maximize off your walls for extra credit before moving to City Hall 5. Repeat this process for each level.

    Tip # 5 of Clash of Clans. Start Matchmaking early

    When you start playing Clash of Clans, you get a three-day shield. However, thanks to the serve penalty (mentioned in tip # 4), very few players will want to attack you, even if you drop your shield. As a result, you can start matchmaking immediately when you need resources without fear of reprisal. You can jump and search for a base with exposed resource collectors and use a handful of barbarians, Goblins or archers to attack them.

    Even if you are attacked, low-level City Hall players have very little to lose. You will only lose a few features that can be more than offset by a single attack.

    Tip # 6 of Clash of Clans. Use the "next" feature Often

    When cultivating resources or trophies, you should always be jumping around with the "next" button in order to find the perfect base to attack. It only costs a little gold to jump to the next base, so make sure you have a good base before you spend all of your units attacking one. Also, be careful to never spend all the last piece of gold you have on an upgrade - you need to save some gold in order to be able to use the "next" to ability to continue farming!

    Tip # 7 of Clash of Clans. Place the clan castle in the center of your base

    The Clan Castle is perhaps the best defensive structure in Clash of Clans, but only if you put it in the center of your base. The way the structure works is that when enemy units enter the Clan Castle range (it has a very long range), the units will dump from Clan Castle and attack enemy units of attack. Note that your Clan Castle troops are capable of jumping on their own walls.

    If you put the Clan Castle out of its base, the enemy can simply lure the units within the Clan Castle and easily kill them out of reach of their towers. If you keep Clan Castle within your base, the enemy will have to take damage from your Clan Castle units as well as their defensive structures in order to take out their base.

    Generally, it is best to ask Archers to keep in your City Hall for defensive purposes. This works great because archers often shoot melee units behind their walls, allowing them to knock down giants and barbarians without suffering damage. Players of very high level can choose different units, like Dragons or Golems, but this requires a clan where the members will donate these troops.

    Note that this tip really only applies to players in City Hall 7 or above. In the earlier levels of Town Hall, you do not have enough buildings to actually prevent the enemy from luring out units in your clan castle. Town Hall 7 units may still be attracted but it is more difficult. In Town Hall 8 and even the enemy will have to destroy some buildings or a decent number of units to force the troops out of their Clan Castle.

    Tip # 8 of Clash of Clans. Focus on Dark elixir

    Once you reach Town Hall 7 and beyond, your limiting feature will always be the Dark Elixir. Through normal play, you will usually maximize all gold and elixir-based upgrades long before you acquire enough Dark Elixir to maximize your heroes and gloomy barracks. As a result, you need to put a priority on Dark Elixir above all other features, saving your spells and hero units for when you stand to gain a large chunk of Dark Elixir.

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