Clash Of Clans 7
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Town Hall 7 Bat Base Layout Strategy ♦ Clash Of Clans TH7 Batman Base Defense ♦ TH7 Base Art Design

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#1 for Clash of Clans - CoC Base Design ♦ Clash of Clans Base Setup ♦ Clash of Clans Base Defense ♦ CoC Base ♦ Clash of Clans Attacks ♦ Clash of Clans Strategy ♦ Clash of Clans Update ♦ Clash of Clans Strategy ♦ Castle Clash Base ♦ Castle Clash Rolling & other Mobile Games

The Best Clash of Clans Base Defense Design Setup Layout Strategy Speed Builds
Town Hall 3 ★ TH3 War Trophy Hybrid Farming Base
Town Hall 4 ★ TH4 War Trophy Hybrid Farming Base
Town Hall 5 ★ TH5 War Trophy Hybrid Farming Base
Town Hall 6 ★ TH6 War Trophy Hybrid Farming Base
Town Hall 7 ★ TH7 War Trophy Hybrid Farming Base
Town Hall 8 ★ TH8 War Trophy Hybrid Farming Base
Town Hall 9 ★ TH9 War Trophy Hybrid Farming Base
Town Hall 10 ★TH10 War Trophy Hybrid Farming Base
Town Hall 11 ★ TH11 War Trophy Hybrid Farming Base

All my Clash of Clans Base Setup Speed Build Layout Designs for Farming Base, Hybrid Base, Trophy Base, Pushing Base & Clan War Base

Clash of Clans Attacks, Clash of Clans Defenses, Clash of Clans Tips, Clash of Clans Tricks, Clash of Clans Attack Strategy - Clash of Clans Defense Strategy, Clash of Clans Update - Clash of Clans Sneak Peeks & Clash of Clans Info, Clash of Clans Guide, Clash of Clans Tutorial

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My ClashofClans Base are Anti 3 Star, Anti 2 Star, Anti Hog, Anti Air, Anti Gowipe, Anti Gowiwi, Anti Giant, Anti Dragon, Anti Lavaloon, Anti Goho or Anti Everything

Clash of Clans Builder - Base Design Strategy

Clash of Clans Tools - Clasher of Clans Builder, Guides & Layouts, Attacks & Strategy

Clash of Clans Gems! Check back often for Clash of Clans Free Gems Giveaways!

Aside from Clash of Clans Dark Elixir, Gold and Elixir, the game also uses gems as a currency. Clash of Clans Gems can be awarded for reaching certain milestones and completing certain achievements, but the main way to acquire gems is to purchase them using real world money. CoC Gems can be used to speed up every aspect of the game; from construction time, to troop training to lab research. Captain Clash isn't a gemmer but supports gemming and those who gem because they keep Clash of Clans profitable as a free
to play game.

I also enjoy Clash of Clans comedy so I will be making Funny Clash of Clans troll & Clash of Clans Fail videos for your Clash of Clans Humor and Entertainment.

Many of my ClashofClans bases are either anti 3 star, anti 2 star, anti hog, anti air, anti gowipe, anti gowiwi, anti giant, anti dragon, anti lavaloon, anti lavaloonion or anti goho but there is no such thing as anti everything

Captain Clash Mobile Gaming does not use Castle clash or Clash of Clans Hacks or Clash of Clans Exploits or Clash of Clans Cheats and believes in fair competitive gameplay

Castle Clash Bases, Updates, Gem Hero Rolling & Gameplays

Castle Clash: Explore Castle Clash with 100 million other Clashers around the world! One of the best rated strategy games in multiple countries! Castle Clash is a game of epic proportions! Hire legions of powerful Heroes and lead an army of mythical creatures, big and small. Hero Evolution - Enter the battlefield with cooler and stronger Heroes than before! Pit your Heroes against other Players in the Arena! Create your very own Guild and lead it to victory in Guild Wars!

Castle Clash by IGG
Embate do Castelo
Castillo Furioso

ClashofClans by Supercell
씨족 의 충돌
كلاش اوف كلانس
Captain Clash Mobile Gaming
All music used is from NCS / NoCopyrightSounds

I will try to make a Clash of Clans town hall 7 Three air defense version soon due to the 3 air defense clash of clans update

Town Hall 7 Bat Base | Clash of Clans TH7 Batman Base | Hybrid Trophy Base Design Layout Setup

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